Charlene L. Brown


Music Club goes to see Annie.  We are learning the songs and watched the 1982 version in the music room.  The students were clapping, and singing along and cheering!  What great fun :)

Leanne and I attended a lecture at UNL’s Innovation Campus (the old fair grounds) by Alsion Van Eenennaam a scientist, geneticist from U of California, Davis.  She had no qualms about changing livestock/animals to help humans.

The cool thing about this building is that it’s the old 4-H building and the lecture hall used to be the show arena!

Just showing off :)

Leanne and I attended a Flying Wild workshop with Monica Keep at Pioneer’s Park Nature Center.  We learned various ways to teach kids about birds.  This poor bird had adaptations that didn’t seem to be quite compatible with life as we know it!  :)

Harriet and I stayed at the Lied Lodge during Martin Luther King, Jr’s holiday weekend.  What a wonderful chef!  They are remodeling so my favorite reading and rocking chair room was not available, but the morning walks with the stars through the trees and playing with the ol’ hoot owl, was good from my soul!  The swimming pool and hot tub were delightful.

Our Ecology Club members visited the FoodBank for the Heartland and had a great tour!  Last year they gave away 16 million pounds of food and they purchase anywhere from $70 to $100,000 worth of food a month!  They serve 93 counties - - the green ones on the map in the picture.

Eat your heart out Boston! :)

Ecology Club members learned about owls from our Fontenelle Friend Miss Kate!

We made our own owls and learned about owls flight and eyesight.  We also opened owl pellets and found out what owls eat!  Then we were off to Camp Brewster for a campfire on owls.  We listened to stories, sang a song, saw their raptor recovery owl, and had hot chocolate.  What a great evening of learning.

15 Chandler View 6th grade chorus members participated in All-City this year.  It was held at TAC and our director was friend Ian Rose.  I even got to play the djembe!

So what do Ecology Club members do during the winter months?  Feed birds or smooth out packing paper to reuse in various classrooms.  All those helpful hands do lots of work!

Teacher appreciation week had a Willy Wonka theme with plenty of prizes :)

For Emily’s 21st birthday (yes, that’s correct!) I gave her an afternoon of painting at the Corky Canvas.  We went to eat at the Brazilian grill afterwards.  Very fun :)  Can you guess who painted which tree??

Emily and I attended Pippin.  It was cool as the original Pippin on broadway in 1972, is now playing the part of the King and grandma is being played by Lucy Ball’s daughter!

Leanne and I went out to Spring Creek Audubon Prairie, just a few miles from her house to see if we could see prairie chickens.  Instead this is what we saw!!

Our Irish Ceili was a hit with 60 people dancing, reading limericks, and having some wonderful Irish potato soup and soda bread!  UNO music students came, as did teachers and parents.  What a fun way to burn a few calories and smile at the same time!

What can you learn at the dump?  Ecology Club members learned many things:

~the landfill will be full next March

~the trash will then be trucked to David City!

~they are trying to get the methane gas to be converted to fuel for the transport trucks to use on route to David City

~over 300 tons of trash goes through the facility each week

~the seagulls can predict when the snow comes by when they arrive at the dump!

~the doors at the transport station are 26 ft high to get the big trucks in and out

~trash is sorted and yard waste is composted and used to cover the trash

~Mr DeWayne was our tour guide

~this site will continue to make methane gas for up to 25 years

I went to see some great singing and dancing!!

Ecology Club members always work to make our campus beautiful.  Here they are mulching trees and bushes.  Where does all that mulch go?? :)

Ecology Club members had a bird party!  We made gizzards and tried to digest bird food; created new bird species; learned and held baby ducks; watched 2 baby great horned owls via a web cam in Georgia; and finished the whole evening of learning off with pizza!  What a great party :)



We started off our tour by listening to an honors high school jazz band and heard about different kinds of percussion instruments from Africa.  Then our UNO Music Ed friends took us on a tour of the campus, we sang and learned new songs, and then ate our sack lunches at the student union. I heard lots of “I am going to come to school here!”

Our Easter table was beautiful and had lots of food on it!  :)

Our Music Club had a fantastic afternoon as we were joined by several UNO music students and we walked over to Walnut Creek Retirement Center.  We sang songs from Annie, and then we invited everyone to sing together from our Get America Singing books!  Smiles, hugs, and lots of music, followed by fried chicken from the gas station!  How can you beat that??

Spring has sprung, and it’s time for Ecology Club members  to put up a warning fence around one of our flower beds.

Someone has to hold the end!  Why not do it with a little flair?  :)

Laurie Voss and I took our mentees to the Josyln Art Museum.  What a wonderful way to relax after a day of school.  My little guy said it was “amazing!”

My sweet potato is anxious to make its way outside!  Have you ever seen a yellow magnolia?  Our subdivision has 3 and they are beautiful!

On the railroad tracks near our farm in Fairmont, there was a mile long train loaded with propellors for wind generators!

In January and February our Ecology Club got pledges for Heifer International’s Read to Feed project.  They earned 207 dollars and decided to buy bees, trees and send a girl to school!  We got this confirmation in April. 

Green Bellevue came to Chandler View to help the Ecology Club plant two trees; a Red Maple and a Black Hills Spruce.  We said a pledge to continue to help the trees grow and be “green” in our everyday living.  I wrote a grant to the Papio NRD and was awarded $300 towards these 2 trees.  The rest will be paid by the penny cash fund that we put into last fall by selling garden produce during Open House.  Afterwards there is pizza!

Ecology Club members are always busy in the spring with the landscaping beds and the garden.   Below they are working on the welcoming garden for our wonderful track.

And of course of Thursday morning you’ll find us dumping the recycling bins to keep Chandler View number one in the OPS district in recycling!

5th Grade Chorus members celebrate a fantastic year of singing!

Early one May Saturday, some of the Ecology Club members and their families went birding at the marsh of Fontenelle Forest.  One of the many delights was seeing a even reflected off the water!  Afterwards there was a small breakfast and lots of stories.

Last summer I found a buckeye tree and picked up many buckeyes.  I think all of them I planted came up!

Although this is called a wetlands, this is the first time in 12 years I’ve seen water!  We had over 6 inches of rain one May night!  And to make things more interesting my sister had over 15 inches of rain in 3 weeks of May weather!  Wow!

Leanne gave me ponderosa pine seeds and these two trees sprouted!  By the end of June, another tree came up too!

Leanne sent me this picture of where a turtle buried its eggs at her house.  I thought the heart shape was wonderful!


This boy was very proud of his work in the garden - fresh radishes, lettuce, spinach and kale!

This might look like it came out of a magazine, but I took it as our first batch of 4 bluebirds were brooding.  We fledged all 4!

Camp Cougar was all about birds for our Jump Start Kindergarteners through 2nd graders.

I made a life sized turkey and we learned 7 other backyard birds by sight and sound.  We made cheerio worms, binoculars out of toilet paper rolls and then went bird, and bird beaks out of bottle caps.

Of course there were strawberries to pick and EAT :)

We made nests and the students loved gathering materials but they also realized the hard work birds go to when making their nests!

I was the trip leader for the Kindergarteners and we loved our trips to the Joslyn, and Schramm Park - where the 17 year cicadas were singing so loudly it sounded like we were on another planet!  Of course a splash pad park is always fun:)

The wind blew down a mulberry limb and our baby birds were no strangers to the mulberries!

Leanne’s cherry trees and Dad’s too for that matter, were loaded this year.  It was fun picking!

The Crete Fun run was just that, in spite of the new route because of all the flooding in Tuxedo Park!  The joke was that we could have had swimming as an event as well as running!

As the students got older their nests became more sophisticated!  In the above picture, the students used a cabbage leaf from the compost pile to support their nest, and this little boy, had his nest in his “tree.”

The garden grew and we picked peas and more strawberries and even harvested broccoli, which one boy was amazed that broccoli grew on plants instead of what he thought were trees!

We also worked in the flower gardens and transplanted many plants from Mrs. Weber’s yard!

We finished up our bird unit making bag birds and some of the classes even sent me thank you notes!  How cool :)

We had two more trips:  to Lauritzen Gardens and the Wildlife Safari Park.  The students would always tell me about the birds they were seeing!  Wonderful to open their eyes to the bird world!

A big accomplishment for our 3rd graders was producing the musical, F.I.T.  It is so rewarding to see and hear these students being successful and so proud of their accomplishments:)  Hats off to the classroom teachers who sang with their classes each day to make the musical wonderful!

Those of you who work with youngsters never know the impact you’ll have on your students until years later!  This young man started playing the piano when he was a Kindergartener (I think we might have used catalogs to get him high enough to the keys) and invited me to his 9th grade piano recital.  One hour of memorized music!  Congratulations Sean!

Even without students our gardens keep growing.

Leanne and I went to the National Homestead Monument in Beatrice for a class on bats!  We helped set up the nets and then got to even touch one!  They are very soft :)

While cleaning the top of the refrigerator, I fell off the chair and clobbered my shin!

Students are still working on their part!   :)

Leanne and I visited Lauritzen Gardens.  Always a treat to look around there!

Bounty from the CV garden.  We harvested over 60 squash!  And our herb garden is a butterfly nursery!  Our one dahlia produced many blooms.

Harriet and I went to Nebraska City for a B&B event and this morning glory was out in full glory:)

Ecology Club members manned the garden table for Open House.

Our 5th and 6th grade Choruses went to sing for the Veterans Home during Patriot Day week.  We took 89 singers and the Omaha World Herald was there, so we had a nice spread on the front page of the Midlands section!  The best part was after we sang, students went out and talked with the vets.  When we got back to school we ate 25 boxes of pizzas.  Singing makes you hungry I guess! :)

I think the rest of the story needs to be told too...the students who got their pictures in the paper have really become helpful, productive students in the chorus room.  Those photos helped build their confidence and you can tell the students care about being in chorus.

On Saturday, September 12th, our Music Club to on a decorated bus (thank you driver Pat) and went to Lincoln to tour the UNL campus and watch the marching band rehearse.

It was a long afternoon for this 3rd grader, but the students loved being on campus!

Students planted a black oak tree and laid stepping stones in our bird sanctuary.  And Mr John keeps our recycling bins nice and clean for us!

I was able to let these wonderful singers wash away the troubles of the world with their luxurious sounds at 1st Plymouth Church!

Chandler View’s Ecology Club worked with Miss Kate from Fontenelle Forest to harvest grass seeds four our Green Apple project.  We harvested many seeds and the students had a great time being outside!

Ecology Club members helped prepare the soil for the planting of 200 hundred tulip bulbs!  And a few weeks later they planted the bulbs.

I took a class offered by the zoo at the Wildlife Safari located between Lincoln and Omaha.  Basically they were just trying to get teachers to bring their classes, but we got to see all the wildlife and it was a beautiful day to be outside.

I’ve attended 2 excellent talks at UNL. 

Ecology Club went to Wenninghoff Farms for an energy scavenger hunt in the corn maze and some good ol’ outside play time.  Finished with a hot dog roast!

The Music Club had a GREAT time at Holland Stages where they created, listened and watched performances!  They especially like Band-o-loop’s performance outside on the side of the Holland Center!

The Music Club went to The Barber of Seville opera at the Orpheum!  The students were cheering at the end and really enjoyed the whole production:)

I do like to see shows.  Emily went with me to Kinky Boots and I thought A Gentleman’s Guide was very clever!!

I went to hear Cantus but came away wondering why I wasn’t really excited about hearing them??  They sang mostly looking at themselves and I guess their literature wasn’t that great.  Although I really enjoyed their rendition of Wanting Memories.

Our Ecology Club wrote letters to companies who send way too many catalogs to our school!  They thought that was wasteful :)

Out Ecology Club held a garden party to clean the garden off for winter.  We saved marigold seeds - perhaps we’ll sell them in the spring!

Pizza is a great way to end a garden party!! :)

It certainly doesn’t look like the magazine picture but the maple custard tart was very good for the November birthdays I hosted at my house :)

Emily and I attended Dirty Dancing.  Lots of great music and moves!

The first weekend Emily and I went to see the great-great-grandson of Charles Dickens read A Christmas Carol.  It was fabulous!  WOW!

5th and 6th grade chorus rehearse for our Christmas program.  It was Friday, December 11th.  Our technology teacher will put the program up on our website.

The next day I had my 3rd sinus surgery.  Am hoping to regain my sense of smell and taste! Dr Thomas Dobleman is my ENT.

Our annual Ecology Club Craft Party was full of fun activities...

We made brownies in a cup...

Colored pictures and made pop can tab bracelets...

Harvested herbs and of course had pizza and salad!

Leanne, Emily and I participated in the Audubon’s Christmas bird count at Pioneer’s Park.

Veselé Vánoce a šťastný nový rok!

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