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This website is no longer current.  It does contain archival content.  My new webpage is found at:

As you click on the beautiful photos from Prince Edward Island below , you’ll experience some of the highlights from my life.  You can use the browser buttons on the top of the individual pages to further navigate my site.


I offered a theater experience for students at my school.  Not only was this pure fun for my students, it reinforced the time period we were studying in my music classes.  Here are some pictures from the musical “Beethoven’s Bookworms.”

3 classes of students went to All-State to help me present “Movement in the Music Classroom.”  The 2nd graders did multicultural dances, the 4th graders square danced, and the 5th graders did Ballroom dancing.  Here are a few photos of that experience.

You’ll find my resume here.

Czech out my family tree! 

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Reading Comprehension Strategies


Vocabulary with Graphic Organizers


1st Grade


I believe a teacher should be active in all aspects of students’ learning.  I helped run an extra-curricular class called Children’s Classics.  Students read the “classics” and we had all sorts of activities and events for them to help make the literature come alive.  Below are snap shots of the web pages that were made.  Although the links are not active, you’ll be able to get a flavor for the type of experiences the students enjoyed.

Children’s Classics

4th Grade

2nd Grade

3rd Grade

5th Grade

6th Grade

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